Current Development

With the purchase of its financial interest in the movie “Theory of Ambitions” in August 2019, the Company became operational for the first time.  The Board then set up a Movie Investment Committee to search, negotiate and secure Rights for other films around the world, which are in various stages of pre-production, but which need full funding.  Again, because of the expertise of the Board and management, they have so far been able to identify numerous projects. As a general policy, those projects have budgets below GBP 5 million, for, it is within that figure, that directors believe the Company will be able to fund and sell on the product for a profit and minimum risk.  In many productions, additional outside funding may be available from third parties, but the Company will always be the lead producer and earn the majority of the profit percentage.

In all cases, the Movie Investment Committee will only recommend investment to the Board, when there is a full and largely approved screenplay, actors and director attached to the project, and the belief that the movie can generally be made and distributed with 12 months of funding being agreed.

Movie rights of the upcoming movie

With its interest in the movie industry, the Issuer currently holds movie rights of “Theory of Ambitions”, an upcoming Hong Kong crime thriller film written and directed by Phillip Yung and starring Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Aaron Kwok respectively as Lam Kong and Liu Lok, two notorious corrupt Hong Kong police officers during the 1960s. Rated by many as the most anticipated Chinese language film, Theory of Ambitions is currently in post-production and set for release in early-2021.