Dr. Lam Yuk Paul

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Director

Dr. Lam graduated from the University of New South Wales with a degree in Accounting and Marketing. He also holds several qualifications in MBA Finance from University of North Alabama, Business Administration (UBI DBA) in Belgian Union Business School, and a Law degree in Beijing International Business College (LL.B).
He is one of the most successful Hong Kong entrepreneurs and educators and has been working in traditional finance for nearly two decades, specialising in asset allocation, funds, trusts and Pre-IPO consultation.  He also invested in innovative technology in early 2019 to develop new area such as financial technology, and led the development and upgrading of different industries,

He is a Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Majesty Capital Group Co. Ltd. and is also devoted to education, using Internet to spread the Chinese culture around the world, and integrating high-quality education in the East and the West, so that the next generation can benefit from it. Dr. Lam had received numerous awards and was interviewed by multiple media. In 2017, he participated in the selection of the Top Ten Outstanding Young Person in Hong Kong. In 2018, he was selected as an “Outstanding Elite” and was awarded the “Outstanding Elite of the Year Award”.

Geoffrey Stanton Morrow


Mr. Geoffrey Stanton Morrow has been involved in the entertainment industry for approximately 40 years and is an internationally recognized songwriter whose songs have been recorded by world-famous artists such as Cliff Richard, Elvis Presley, the Carpenters, and Barry Manilow.
Mr. Morrow has had over 60 hits around the world. He is an experienced businessman who has been responsible for setting up two record companies, which were subsequently sold to EMI Group Limited and RCA Records, and has been involved in the listing of several public companies, including Oriental City Group Plc and Regal Cyber Group (now RC Group (Holdings) Ltd). He has experience in helping businesses raise funds and list on AIM, and ISDX markets (as well as their predecessors USM and PLUS).
Due to the pandemic situation in the UK, Mr. Morrow made used of his talent and has recently written a ‘Thank You NHS’ song, both music and lyrics, in order to appreciate the hard work of NHS staff, carers and front-line services.
As a result of the pandemic situation in the UK, Mr. Morrow was asked to write a “ A Legendary Romance” and “Being Woody”. These plays were successfully produced and loved by the audiences. Alongside his love for musical, Mr. Morrow bought the Manchester Opera House and Palace Theatre, Manchester and continued his support in the musical industry. He was a director and major shareholder of Caesars Palace, Luton.

Yeung Yat Chuen Benjamin


Mr. Yeung Yat Chuen graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 2005 and majored in Mathematics.
He has worked in the corporate finance industry for 9 years, with 5 years at top management in several listed companies in Hong Kong such as PPS International (Holdings) Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 8201) and Shunten International (Holdings) Limited (Hong Kong stock code: 0932). Mr Yeung is also an independent non-executive director of North Mining Shares Co. Ltd.
Mr. Yeung has extensive experience in handling IPO projects and been responsible for completing a large numbers of successful financial transactions.

Michael Lionel Keam


Mr. Michael Lionel Keam has been operating in the UK leisure and hospitality industry for more than 40 years. He is well known for his knowledge and expertise in the sector and acts as a consultant to both start up and established businesses through his business organization The Leisure Consultancy Group.
His current business interests include several high-profile restaurants and bars in Soho, London, which are often attended by international celebrities and influencers from the media.
Previously, he was CEO of a leisure company quoted on the London Stock Exchange, whose activities included the ownership of two prestigious theatres, several nightclubs and bars, an exclusive members’ dining club and a highly renowned international multi-club subscription business.
Mr. Keam has a record of achieving funding for small and medium ventures from major UK banking organisations and from private investors.

Qin Xiaoxiao


Mr. Qin Xiaoxiao graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Marcel Business School, Shanghai Jiao Tong University MBA and majored in International Economy and Trade.
Mr. Qin used to work at Leroy Merlin, France as the Supply chain & E-commerce director. After his experience in the supply chain, he started his own company and was the Founder of Shanghai Wuyun Technology Co. Ltd and Timeless Investment Management Limited.